Maclean’s POY

The 2008: Year in Pictures double issue of Maclean’s Magazine hit shelves today and it is loaded with lots of fantastic work that begins with Alex Brandon’s cover photo featuring U.S. President-Elect Barak Obama. I was lucky enough to snag the last image in the POY section of then-yet-to-be-named Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff with a big-ass grin on his face; sandwiched between David McGuinty’s “do I smell bacon?” expression and Bonnie Crombie’s “I’m not sure I’m supposed to be here..” stare.

Also in the issue was another image I shot of Chris Wattie (L) with Michael Ignatieff in the background, on the right is Fred Chartrand (moonlighting for the Toronto Star) but Maclean’s cropped him out.


Rae Dae

Last week Bob Rae pulled his candidacy form the Liberal leadership race leaving Michael Ignatieff as the lone contender. It was a big week of wrap ups. Lots of decisions were made on Parliament Hill, a few were historic. With Ignatieff screaming at the opposition it will feel like your dad screaming, rather than the step-dad that you never really respected (Dion) or your ‘cool’ uncle (Rae). The Liberal’s are rebuilding and repositioning their ‘star’ MP’s for the day when they can bring down Harper’s conservatives. Politics in Ottawa have been very exciting of late and there is more entertainment to come with Iggy and Rae ready to let loose when Parliament resumes in January.

Liberal MP Bob Rae exits stage-right after renouncing his candidacy for the liberal leadership shot for Maclean’s Magazine.



I shot my first cover of Maclean’s Magazine this week. I have eleven pictures in this weeks magazine, including the cover and a Reuters picture. I have been on working on Parliament Hill in Ottawa for Maclean’s quite a bit over the last three weeks, photographing everything and everybody that moved. With all their writers. bloggers and columnists in Ottawa, you never knew who they would be writing about. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, former Liberal leader Stephane Dion, Liberal leadership contenders Dominic LeBlanc and Bob Rae and new Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. I had one-on-ones with Leblanc (seen in last weeks issue) and Justin Trudeau (coming in the new year). I witnessed Canada’s first national first political party coalition form. I was at Rideau Hall when Harper asked Governor General Michaelle Jean to prorogue government. I was in the Foyer of Parliament Hill when Harper and Dion addressed the nation – with mixed results to say the least (I have never seen videographers laugh so hard). I saw Dion arrive in the Liberal leaders Toyota Prius one day and Ignatieff drive away in it the next.

Many thanks to Maclean’s photo editor Andrew Tolson for all the work and encouragement. Here are a few of the images that made the cut.

Dec. 12, 2008: Cover

Harper at Rideau Hall.

Dion after speaking about the prorogue of Parliament.

Rae leaving a Liberal caucus meeting.

Ignatieff with MP’s David McGuinty and Bonnie Crombie.

Pro-Harper rally on Parliament Hill.

Much more to come.


Breaking Glass

sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been working a lot for Maclean’s Magazine recently and cannot publish too many of their photos before they do. Here are a couple of fight pictures from the last few games. Chris Neil has come back from his injury swinging.

Florida Panthers Tanner Glass (L) fights Ottawa Senators’ Chis Neil during the second period of their NHL hockey game in Ottawa December 8, 2008. REUTERS/Blair Gable (CANADA)

Pittsburgh Penguins’ Eric Godard (L) fights Ottawa Senators’ Chris Neil during the second period of their NHL hockey game in Ottawa December 6, 2008. REUTERS/Blair Gable (CANADA)


Hat Trickery

“Hey Rocky, watch me pull a win out of my hat…”

Last night the Ottawa Senators’ defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins’ 3-2. Jason Spezza scored three goals in the second period, three completely different goals. One he was in front of the net, one he was on the side and one he was actually behind the net when he scored. This image was pretty widely used across Canada as well as papers in Boston, Washington and USA Today. I was asleep at the switch on a couple of photo opportunities, so I was glad that I scored this one.

Let’s see if they can keep the winning streak alive on Monday against the Florida Panthers.


Three Amigo’s

New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton (L), Liberal leader Stephane Dion (C) and Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe take part in a news conference on Parliament Hill in Ottawa December 1, 2008. The leaders of Canada’s three opposition parties said on Monday they have written to the Governor General asking her to call on Liberal leader Dion to form a new government.

Liberal leader Stephane Dion and NDP leader Jack Layton wish to form a coalition government with the support of Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe that would replace Stephen Harper and his Conservative party. This week has been absolutely insane on Parliament Hill since this historic moment. Nothing like this has ever happened in Canadian political history and it is a very exciting time to be covering politics. The last few Question Periods have actually been pretty entertaining, so if you have nothing to do at 2 pm weekdays, check out CPAC or CBC for some good old fashioned shouting matches.

I have been on the hill this week working for both Reuters and Maclean’s Magazine and will continue to document this event the whole way through.


The Third Tenor

I had some time to photograph Liberal Party of Canada leadership candidate Dominic LeBlanc in his office last week for Maclean’s Magazine. LeBlanc is in a tough race against rivals Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae. He was gracious with his time and was very easy to work with once he wrapped his head around the fact that I didn’t want him to do anything other than work and pretend I was not there. It is great once the subject distracted enough that they pay you no mind; so when he was on the phone or working with his assistant it was like I was not there at all. I worked mostly with my 5D and a 50 1.4.

LeBlanc often was on the phone with a blackberry in one hand and a document in the other. Busy man.

LeBlanc is reflected in a medicine cabinet mirror in his office.




Thursday was a busy day.

It started like this..

..photographing Justin Trudeau for Maclean’s Magazine.

Which turned into this..

..photographing Ottawa mayor Larry O’Brien for some advertising.

And ended like this..

..shooting the Ottawa Senators for Reuters.

I was up at 6 am, started shooting at 8:30 am, stopped shooting at 10 pm and was in bed after midnight.

I actually had to take a quick nap in my car in the parking garage in between jobs before chugging a red bull and head to the next one. I had to be up early again the next morning to shoot a corporate job for Canadian Press Images an hour south of Ottawa in Johnstown. Crazy life.


Lysa Pt. 2

Here is part two of my photo shoot with Lysa. We had a shiny, red Yamaha motorcycle brought in and Lysa provided the fedora.

Here is the lighting design – modified slightly from the last post. All of the power settings were pretty much the same from the last lighting setup. I just had to move around the lights to create some catch lights and make the bike shine.

Dig it.