The Third Tenor

I had some time to photograph Liberal Party of Canada leadership candidate Dominic LeBlanc in his office last week for Maclean’s Magazine. LeBlanc is in a tough race against rivals Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae. He was gracious with his time and was very easy to work with once he wrapped his head around the fact that I didn’t want him to do anything other than work and pretend I was not there. It is great once the subject distracted enough that they pay you no mind; so when he was on the phone or working with his assistant it was like I was not there at all. I worked mostly with my 5D and a 50 1.4.

LeBlanc often was on the phone with a blackberry in one hand and a document in the other. Busy man.

LeBlanc is reflected in a medicine cabinet mirror in his office.




Thursday was a busy day.

It started like this..

..photographing Justin Trudeau for Maclean’s Magazine.

Which turned into this..

..photographing Ottawa mayor Larry O’Brien for some advertising.

And ended like this..

..shooting the Ottawa Senators for Reuters.

I was up at 6 am, started shooting at 8:30 am, stopped shooting at 10 pm and was in bed after midnight.

I actually had to take a quick nap in my car in the parking garage in between jobs before chugging a red bull and head to the next one. I had to be up early again the next morning to shoot a corporate job for Canadian Press Images an hour south of Ottawa in Johnstown. Crazy life.


Lysa Pt. 2

Here is part two of my photo shoot with Lysa. We had a shiny, red Yamaha motorcycle brought in and Lysa provided the fedora.

Here is the lighting design – modified slightly from the last post. All of the power settings were pretty much the same from the last lighting setup. I just had to move around the lights to create some catch lights and make the bike shine.

Dig it.


Lysa Pt. 1

This is the second time I have shot Lysa before a competition and both times were an opportunity for the both of us to try some things we have never done before with photography. Lysa as a model and me as a photographer. Last year we setup a makeshift studio in her living room with a seamless backdrop and some electronic flashes. This year we rented out a studio and had five strobes working overtime for four hours.

Here are all five strobes firing.

Here are the back three strobes only.

Here is the setup.

A big thank you to Alex at Studio Huit Dalpe (the Studio did not disappoint!) and as always to Louis-Philippe at Headshots Rentals (I’m getting the 7′ strip lights next time!).

Camera Details:

Canon Mk. III
Canon 24-70 f2.8 

50 ISO

Studio Details:

Top Front – Medium Softbox (horizontal) – 1/8 power
Below Front –  Medium Softbox (vertical) – 1/16 power
Left/Right Behindish – 4′ Striplight – 1/4 power
Back – Reflector w/ Honeycomb Grid – 1/8 power


See last year’s shoot.


More coming soon.



(Hockey) Fight Night

Here are a few images form last weeks Ottawa Senators – Anaheim Ducks game. The Senators lost spectacularly.

Tough guy Chris Neil finally threw down with Parros (who had a wicked mustache!) Making a cool fight pic pretty tough, it has be to be sharp (a good first step), fist on face, the ref needs to not jump jump in too soon, they need to not hit the ice too fast, etc. Generally they just circle each other and turn their heads when a fist comes their way, so making a nice pic takes some luck.

The below pic is sharpish at best, but I love the guy’s face behind the glass.